CATEE 2007

CATEE 2007 Presentations

Bou-Saada — Sustaining Long-Term Energy Savings for a Major Texas State Agency Performance Contracting Initiative
Butt — Innovative Energy Efficiency Initiatives
CATEE — Solar Decathlon
Evans — A New Paradigm for Efficiency
Haberl — Recommendations for 15% Above-Code Energy Efficiency Measures for Single Family Residences
Haberl — A Methodology for Calculating Integrated NOx Emissions Reduction from Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy (EE/RE) Programs Across State Agencies in Texas
Halvey — Building an Energy Efficient Future for the West
Heins — Integrated Energy Efficiency
Herrin — Converting 15-Minute Interval Electricity Load Data into Reduced Demand, Energy Reduction and Cash Flow
Herweck — CHP: It’s Time for Combined Heat and Power
Keliher — What is the State of Clean Air and Energy Efficiency in Texas Today?
Lilley — Energy Conservation in Public Facilities
Lopez — HEB Energy Efficiency
McDaniel and King — Energy Efficiency is Green in New Construction
Morgan — Development of a Residential Code-Compliant Calculator for the Texas Climate Vision Project
Mukhopadhyay — Recommendations for 15% Above-Code Energy Efficiency Measures for Commercial Office Buildings
Mulholland — The National Action Plan for Energy Efficiency
Muns — Above Code: What does that mean?
Myers — Clean Air Through Energy Efficiency
Rinehart — New Construction Technology
Roberto — Global Energy Management System
Robertson — Energy Efficiency Program Overview
Smitherman — CATEE
Smitty — Cheaper, Cleaner, Cooler Ways to Meet our Needs for new Energy
Steele — Resource Conservation Program
Weinstock — Clean Air Through Energy Efficiency

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    • Energy Systems Laboratory
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    • Performance Services, Inc.
    • The Cynthia and George Mitchell Foundation
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    • Carlisle HVAC Products
    • Command Commissioning
    • Environmental Defense Fund (EDF)
    • EUMMOT
    • GDS Associates, Inc.
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    • METCO Engineering
    • Mitsubishi Electric
    • SPEER
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    • Cedar Valley College
    • CenterPoint Energy

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