CATEE 2006

CATEE 2006 Presentations

Abramson — Air Quality: Public Health Perspective
Ang-Olson — SmartWay and Other Clean Freight Strategies
Beatty — Overview of the Texas Environmental Research Consortium
Blume — Port of Houston’s Pre-check and Inspection Facility Project
Bochner — Travel and Emissions Impacts of Mixed-Use Development
Brooks — Overview of Texas’ Energy Efficiency Programs
Cameron — Refrigerator Recycling Program Services for Electric Utilities
Campbell — Clean Fuels
Canonico — Clean Water Infrastructure Breakout Session
Crossley — Green Cities, Garden Cities
Dadoush — Energy Efficiency & Sustainable Development Initiatives
Diem — eGrid Update
Diggs — State Implementation Planning and 8-hour Ozone Standard
Dreyer — Horizon Wind Energy
Etheridge — Load Shaping with Solar & Storage
Garcia — Understanding Our Flooding
Garland — CLEAResult
Gregory — Trees for Efficiency
Haberl — Calculating Integrated NOx Emissions
Haberl — Calculating Integrated NOx Emissions from Renewable Energy Projects
Hall — TERC’s Policy Studies
Hodapp — Energy Efficiency and Emission Reduction Programs at DFW Airport
Hoffman — Water & Energy Conservation
Isser — Cost-Effectiveness of Energy Efficiency in Texas
Kapner — Plug-in Partners Campaign
Keliher — Dallas Emissions Enforcement Program (DEEP)
Lester — TERC Air Quality Research Program
Lewis — Texas Department of Transportation
Lopez — Clean Fleet and Fuels – Strategy and Procurement
Lopez — Global Warming – Water Supply/Reclaimed Water
Lyell — Austin Biofuels, LLC
Mcdonald-Buller — Regional Development, Population Trend, and Technology Change Impacts on Future Air Pollution Emissions
Nasi — Biodiesel in Texas
Nobles — Helping Municipalities Achieve Sustainability
Pella — State Implementation Planning and 8-hour Ozone Standard
Pepple — Houston Area Issues
Pickles — Overview of CenterPoint Energy’s Clean Air Technologies (CAT) Programs
Putnam — Clean Fuels, Clean Cities
Rinderer — Eliminating Water System Losses
Santos — Texas School Bus Emissions
Schare — Texas Energy Efficiency Programs
Schoech — Intelligent Grid Deployment at CenterPoint Energy, Inc.
Sims — Global Warming
Sloan — Non-Wind Renewables for Texas
Sloan — Texas RECs and Future Emission Reduction Markets
Smaling — New Technology Research & Development Program
Stover — The Movement to Increase Energy Efficiency in Texas
Taylor — Impact of Traffic Operations on Emissions
Treadway — Investment Trends in Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy
Trevino — State Energy Management Project
Whitworth — On Road VMEPS: Commute Solutions & Clean Vehicles
Wierzenski — Land Use & Transportation
Wierzenski — Clean Energy & Mass Transit
Woodfin — Planning Transmission for Renewable Energy
Yarbrough — Blue Skyways Collaborative
Zietsman — National Deployment Strategy for Truck Stop Electrification

  • Host

    • Energy Systems Laboratory
  • Co-Host

    • SECO 2
    • SECO
  • Host Utility

    • CPS Energy
  • Contributing Sponsors

    • Energy Commissioning Group
    • Environmental Defense Fund
    • McKinstry
    • Performance Services, Inc.
    • Sierra Club
  • Exhibitors

    • Alamo Colleges
    • Axium Solar

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