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CATEE 2011 Videos

This page incorporates our first experiments in making conference content available through video.  Please check them out.  Share the ones you like.  Let us know what you think.

CATEE 2011 Awards Presentation

Keynote – Shelley R. Poticha
HUD Director of Sustainable Housing & Communities outlines federal initiatives to improve coordination of programs among agencies that affect investments in affordable housing, including improving efficiency and quality of multi-family housing, looking at the energy and expense established by distance between housing and jobs, and encouraging transportation choices. (Approximately 46 minutes.)

EPA Outlook — USEPA Region 6 Administrator Dr. Al Armendariz
An engineer by profession and educator by nature, Dr. Armendariz explains the notion of sustainability, presents ideas about systems thinking that may help direct design toward better solutions, and provides a snapshot of our region’s largest environmental challenges. (Approximately 42 minutes).

SB 5 EE/RE Strategies Report — Dr. Jeff Haberl 
Dr. Jeff Haberl gives an update on the valuable Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy research the Energy Systems Laboratory is conducting. He discusses the importance of quantifying and evaluating the impact of emissions reductions and addresses the measures taken by Senate Bill 5 to reach this goal. (Approximately 17 minutes).

Better Blocks – Jason Roberts
Featured guest Jason Roberts describes the evolution of the Better Blocks Project which improves environmental impacts by focusing on the aesthetic experience of urban spaces and the engagement of communities to capitalize on their existing resources. (Approximately 24 minutes.)

Energy Efficiency & Economic Development
ACEEE’s Skip Laitner gives a quick summary of economic analyses he (and others) conducted about opportunity for expanded energy efficiency investments in Texas; followed by an insightful panel discussion with several policy leaders from the Texas House (Rep. Jim Keffer, Rep. Allan Ritter, and Rep Jose Menendez) moderated by Nelson Nease. (Approximately 1 hour, 30 minutes.)

Water & Energy – Dr. Michael Webber
Dr. Webber (University of Texas) led off a plenary panel with this excellent overview describing essential interrelationships of energy and water resources. (Approximately 8 minutes.)

Water & Energy – Laura Huffman
Texas Nature Conservancy Director Laura Huffman closed out the water panel with this eloquent call for a new way of thinking about water and a challenge to a “funky coalition” willing to work for a better future for Texas. (Approximately 24 minutes.)


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