2011 Presentations

CATEE 2011 Presentations

Highlights from Slide Presentations
This is a slide montage that illustrates the range of CATEE 2011 topics. The slide images are from separate individual presentations. The set gives you a quick overview of the conference, has a few pithy lessons (if you’re quick), and may help you select topics you want to check out in more detail from complete slide presentations on the Presentations page. (Less than 5 minutes.)

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Tidwell – Green Infrastructure
Gietema – Energy Effiecient Neighborhood Design
Buckley – Repositioning and Turnaround
Morphis – TODs Result
Wattles – Demand Response in ERCOT Operations
EUMMOT – The Nuts & Bolts of Texas’s Energy Efficiency Programs
Durnbaugh – Climate Adaptation and Preparedness
Smith – Planning for Sustainability
Vision North Texas – Planning for Sustainability
Jones – Planning for Sustainability at the New Parkland Hospital
Aasheim – Accommodating Electric Vehicles
Holloway – Discovery Across Texas
Pecan Street Inc. – Data & Research Overview
Shapiro – Cyber Security & Smart Grid
Dallas Habitat for Humanity – Highland Park Presbyterian Church
Fowler – Keys to Implement a Successful Low Income Program
Mathon – Foundation Communities
Chatham – Holistic Housing
Meline – Benefits of Commissioning
Sustainability Consulting Studio – Design Green
Prairie Creek Branch Library
BOS – Daylight harvesting
Land/Water Forum – LID without Regs
Vision North Texas – Getting Stakeholders Involved
Roberts – Public Outreach
Guz – The Water We Don’t Use
Hickey – East Fork Raw Water Supply Project
Pannell – Efficiency In A Small Utility
Wagner – Turning Waste Into Energy
Lacey – America’s Model Building Energy Code
Edelson – A Growing Role for Codes and Stretch Codes in Utility Programs
Lopez – Texas Energy Codes Update and SECO Resources
Blake – Green Codes and IGCC Update
Trevino – SECO Technical Assistance and Funding Opportunities
Schneider Electric – Performance Contracting
Perea – EPA’s Financial and Technical Resources
Jensen – Financial and Technical Resources The HUD Perspective
Koski – Financial and Technical Resources for Completing Energy Efficiency Projects
Oliver – The Future of Technical Assistance, Funding and Financing Alternatives
Goldin – The Secret Sauce for TOD
The City of El Paso – Bus
Centric Rapid Transit and TOD

Wierzenski – DART’s Role in Transit – Oriented Development
Hoffman – Air Conditioning & Refrigeration
Jaber – Innovative Water Reuse at Building Scale
Cook – The other irrigation…
Gunn – Botanical Research Institute of Texas LEED Platinum Building
Claridge & Culp – Continuous Commissioning for Existing Buildings
DFW International Airport Continuous Commissioning
Shaw-Meadow – LED Roadway Lighting
Energy Systems Laboratory – Energy Efficiency/Renewable Energy (EE/RE) Measures for K-12 Schools in Texas
Wine – School Energy Management

  • Host

    • Energy Systems Laboratory
  • Co-Host

    • SECO 2
    • SECO
  • Host Utility

    • CPS Energy
  • Contributing Sponsors

    • Energy Commissioning Group
    • Environmental Defense Fund
    • McKinstry
    • Performance Services, Inc.
    • Sierra Club
  • Exhibitors

    • Alamo Colleges
    • Axium Solar

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