2010 Presentations

CATEE 2010 Presentations

Habrel, Culp, Yazdani – Texas Emissions Reductions Program
Automated Logic: Houston – Sustainable Performance… by Design
Dinka & Cho – Qualitative Analysis for the Design of Sustainable Housing Complex in Haiti
Garrison – Shreveport 1970 to Shreveport 2010
Quinn – The scales of Sustainable Design in Developing Nations
Liu, Baltazar, Claridge – Development of the Potential Energy Savings Estimation Toolkit
Kim – Development of a Calibration Methodology for Code-compliant Simulation of an Existing Case study house in a Hot and Humid Climate
Ragsdale – Smart Grid Embedded Cyber Security: Ensuring Security While Promoting Interoperability
Baltazar – Development of a Dashboard for a Class A Solar Test Bench
Park – Performance Evaluation of Hot Water Efficiency Plumbing system Using Thermal Valve
Gilman – Development of a Texas Building Registry
Mukhopadhyay – A Comparative Analysis of Residential Energy Use for 2009 IECC Compliance and 2011 IECC Compliance
Mukhopadhyay – Energy Consumption Analysis of the Habitat for Humanity Homes at Frazier Court Dallas, TX
Sutherland – Exploring Cost-Effective, High Performance Residential Retrofits for Affordable Housing in the Hot Humid Climate
Withers – Opportunities for Energy Conservation and Improved Comfort from Wind Washing Retrofits
Habrel – Energy Efficiency/Renewable Energy Projects in Texas Public Schools
Southeast Energy Efficiency Alliance – Green City Program
Dvorak – Rooftop Membrane Temperature Reductions with Green Roof Technology in South-Central Texas
Bernfeld – Energy Efficiency Mortgages
Bettersworth – TSTC Green Education
Brown – Water, Energy and Climate Change
Texas CHP Initiative – CHP: Texas-sized Energy Efficiency  
City of Houston – Houston’s Sustainability Programs
College Station Utilities – Automated Street Light Monitoring System
Degelman – ASHRAE Standards
Doran – Solartricity Producers
Farzaneh & Zietsman – Examination of Alternative Fuels and Emissions Reduction Technologies for Truck Fleets
Fauver – Potential Federal – Aid Highway Funding Sources for Energy Efficient Transportation – Related Programs
Federoff – New Directions in Green Jobs
Graves – Energy Efficiency in Schools K-12
Green – Conservation Program Rebates
Gross – Energy Efficiency Programs Texas Investor-Owned Utilities
Rodriguez & Blythe – Benefits of Natural Gas in Energy Efficiency Programs
Rodriguez – Solving the Climate Change Equation
Jones & Rogers – Urban Living Laboratory
Kenney – State and Local Climate and Energy Program and EPA Funding for Local Governments
Koski – Transit Investments for Greenhouse Gas and Energy Reduction
Lester – Driving Customer Value through the Smart Grid
Good Company Assoc. – Shades of Green: What Exactly is a green job?
Lewis – We Build Highways
Lopez – Texas Energy Codes Rulemaking Process
Meyers – Finance’s Role in Driving Large-Scale Adoption of Energy-Efficiency in Mass Markets
Negley – Energy Efficiency Programs and Case Studies
Austin Community College – New Directions in Green Jobs Training
Ontiveros – Campus Energy System’s Role in Greenhouse Gas Reduction Strategies for the University of Texas
Ramirez – Texas Facilities Commission’s Facility Management Strategic Plan
Parea – Mitigating the Heat Island Effect: A Focus on Energy Conservation and Trees
Sossi – International Innovation Center
Springer – Energy Efficient Strategies for K – 12 Schools
DFW International Airport – An Overview of Sustainability
Gill & Stephens – Local Austin Perspective on Air Quality Challenges
Hatcher – Commissioning Process for New Construction
Hodapp – Continuous Commissioning for Sustainable O&M at the Dallas/Fort Worth Airport
Hubbell – Dallas Area Rapid Transit

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