2005 Presentations

2005 Presentations

Yarbrough – Air Quality and Some Innovative Ways to Improve It
Sloan – A New Look at Renewable Energy for Texas
Hodapp – Energy Efficiency and Sustainable Programs at the Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport
Steele – City of Fort Worth Presentation of Community Leadership in EE/RE
Ghertner – Successful Examples of Community Leadership in EE/RE
Energy Systems Laboratory – Accounting for Energy Efficiency & Renewable Energy in State Implementation Plans
Diem – Air Emission Reductions from Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy
Hitchcock – Changing a City’s Climate
TXU Electric – Texas Electric Choice Act Energy Efficiency Program Overview
Build San Antonio Green
Giaccardo – Green Architecture
Colley – Choosing Evaluating Criteria for Build San Antonio Green
Bexar County – Energy Management Program
ICF Consulting – Energy Policy Act of 2005 Overview of Residential Incentives
Bose – Air Quality 2005
Vaughn – Federal Energy Policy Act of 2005
Zumwalt-Hathaway – LEED Building: Cost, Paybacks and Lessons Learned
Witt – Planning for “Green” Space
Taylor – Home Energy Ratings and Indoor Air Quality
Kapner – Municipal Plan for Plug-in Hybrids
SourceNet Solutions – Utility Bill Information: The Key to Getting Started
Reyes – State Implementation Plans: Energy Efficiency Update
Thomas – TexAQS II Study
Culp – Continuous Commissioning®
Yarbrough – Opportunities for Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy in State Air Quality Planning

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